The Problem

In many organizations, the key word for leadership is change. Change occurs so frequently and so rapidly that yesterday’s solutions become today’s problems – and tomorrow’s crises. In such an environment, a leader’s most valuable asset is the ability to think—to solve new problems rather than grind out the old pat answers.

But the effective problem solver faces a paradox: personal effectiveness, if not properly handled, can impede the ability to lead others in solving problems. Those who grow as problem solvers often block their own path to leadership. Those who become leaders often sacrifice their skills as problem solvers.


PSL combines experiential learning with the results of scientific research on problem solving to show you how to:

  1. Increase your own problem solving effectiveness.
  2. Enhance your ability to lead others in more effective problem solving.
  3. Harness the energy in the potential conflict between the first two goals.


PSL will increase your competence and understanding in

  • Defining the real problem
  • Discovering and refining your problem solving style
  • Valuing differences and encouraging innovation
  • Promoting congruent communication
  • Handling conflict in problem solving groups
  • Observing what’s really going on
  • Recentering and getting unstuck
  • Building productive teams
  • Designing effective problem solving organizations
  • Uncovering cultural and organizational constraints on creative thinking
  • Measuring problem solving progress and applying workshop lessons on the job
  • Managing change for maximum individual and organizational development\


Managerial and technical leaders in a wide variety of organizations can benefit from improved problem solving performances, PSL participants come from such areas as business, data processing, government, education, research, health care, energy, agriculture, engineering, law, journalism, social science, software engineering, family therapy, consulting, international trade, anthropology, and counseling.


Each workshop is strictly limited to 24 participants. You will work individually and in teams on a variety of simulations and other structured learning experiences.

The focus is on the process aspects of problem solving leadership. You will simulate the processes by working together intensely for most of your waking hours.

The format is designed to involve you totally in the experience of changing problem solving behavior. The purpose is not merely to convey thoughts, but to change behavior.


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