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Esther Derby is a highly respected figure in the world of software development, particularly recognized for her expertise in agile methods, organizational change, and leadership.

As an author, consultant, and coach, Esther has decades of experience helping organizations improve their processes, culture, and overall effectiveness. She’s widely admired for her ability to understand complex organizational systems and facilitate meaningful improvements.

At the heart of Esther’s work is a deep appreciation for the human factors involved in software development. She advocates for collaborative approaches and environments that enable people to thrive.

Some of Esther’s most influential contributions include co-authoring “Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management” (with Johanna Rothman), “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great” (with Diana Larsen), and “Agile Retrospectives 2nd Edition: A Practical Guide for Catalyzing Team Learning and Improvement ” (with Diana Larsen and David Horowitz).  Her book “7 Rules for Positive Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results” is essential reading for anyone implementing complex change in complex environments. 

Esther is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences and workshops around the world, where she shares her valuable insights and experiences in areas such as agile adoption, team dynamics, and leadership development.

Widely recognized as a thought leader in the software development community, Esther is known for her practical wisdom, deep understanding of organizational dynamics, and unwavering commitment to helping teams and organizations achieve their goals.

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Don Gray is a respected thought leader and practitioner in the software development community, known for his ability to empower individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

Don is passionate about agile methodologies and their application in real-world contexts. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his work helping teams and organizations navigate the complexities of modern software development. He has a particular talent for distilling complex concepts into practical strategies that teams can implement effectively.

Widely recognized for his impact as an educator, facilitator and coach, Don excels in creating environments where individuals and teams can thrive, fostering collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Known for his thoughtful approach and deep understanding of human dynamics, his approach is characterized by empathy, transparency, and a commitment to helping others succeed.

In addition to his work as a coach and consultant, Don is also a sought-after speaker and educator. He shares his insights and experiences at conferences, workshops, and industry events, inspiring audiences with his insight and passion for excellence.

His dedication to fostering collaboration and continuous improvement has made him a valuable asset to organizations seeking to thrive in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world.

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Gerald M. Weinberg, widely known as “Jerry Weinberg,” was a highly influential figure in the fields of software engineering, systems thinking, and organizational psychology. He was not only an author, educator, and consultant but also a mentor to many in the software industry. Both Don and Esther worked with Jerry for many years. 

Weinberg’s work spanned several decades, during which he authored over 40 books covering a wide range of topics including software engineering, management, consulting, and personal development. Some of his most notable works include “The Psychology of Computer Programming,” “An Introduction to General Systems Thinking,” and “The Secrets of Consulting.” These books are revered for their profound insights, practical wisdom, and engaging writing style.

One of Weinberg’s significant contributions was in the area of software quality and human behavior within software development teams. He emphasized the importance of understanding the social and psychological aspects of software development, advocating for approaches that prioritize people over processes or tools.

As an educator, Weinberg had a remarkable ability to communicate complex ideas in simple terms, making them accessible to a wide audience. He was renowned for his workshops, where he shared his wealth of knowledge and encouraged critical thinking and self-reflection among participants.

Beyond his technical expertise, Weinberg was also known for his humor, humility, and empathy. He deeply cared about the well-being of those he worked with and sought to create environments where individuals could learn, grow, and excel.

Throughout his career, Jerry Weinberg left an indelible mark on the software industry, shaping the way people think about software development, quality, and teamwork. His legacy continues to inspire countless professionals worldwide, and his books remain essential reading for anyone interested in mastering the craft of software engineering and navigating the complexities of human interaction in the workplace. Jerry passed away in 2018, but his teachings and wisdom continue to influence generations of software practitioners.