Congruent Influence

Managers, technical leads, coaches, and Scrum Masters need to get things done by relying on people over whom they have no authority.  Faced with this situation, people often try to convince others using logic and arguments. That doesn’t always work, and when it doesn’t it can damage relationships.

In organizations – of any size – it is not always possible to act directly on an issue. You may have to work with or though others to accomplish organizational goals. That requires influence—the ability to affect matters in an indirect or intangible way.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to influence people–without being sleazy. These can start with inserting new ideas by modeling behavior or sharing articles, posts, or videos. Sometimes, though, you need someone else to take action to further your organizational goals. However, that person may have different priorities, interests, or different goals. 

In that case, you need to find mutual purpose. And to do that you need to know something about the people you want to influence. In this session we’ll explore what influence is, and how to use it to further organizational goals, without being sleazy.

In this workshop we’ll explore what influence is, and isn’t.  We’ll share four practical tools to understand and expand the scope of your influence. After participating in this workshop, you’ll be prepared to further your organizational goals,  without being sleazy.


This workshop is for those who need to work with and through others to accomplish their organizational goals. This includes managers at any level, leads, coaches, Scrum Masters and others.

Everyone can benefit from expanding their influence!


Practical tools that enable you to:

    • discover who you may need to influence
    • understand how roles impact organizational goals
    • find where your goals may overlap
    • influence when you don’t have overlapping goals


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This live virtual course occurs over two consecutive days in three hour sessions per day. Activities include mini-presentations, individual and group work/interactions, and homework assignments.

To ensure maximum learning, this workshop is limited to 16 people.

Due to circumstances we will not be offering the March 13 & 14, 2024.