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Influence without the ick

Managers, technical leads, coaches, and Scrum Masters need to get things done by relying on people over whom they have no authority.  Faced with this situation, people often try to convince others using logic and arguments. That doesn’t always work, and when it doesn’t it can damage relationships.

In organizations – of any size – it is not always possible to act directly on an issue. You may have to work with or though others to accomplish organizational goals. That requires influence—the ability to affect matters in an indirect or intangible way.  Read more …

Self Paced Workshops

Tools for Connecting with Your Inner Resources

We certainly live in an interesting time. We all face new challenges. Some of us grieve losses. Many of us are trying to figure out what comes next.

Our ability to cope and engage creatively rests on our ability to access our resources. And that can be more difficult when we are stressed, grieving, and dealing with uncertainty. Read more …