What People Say

deep reflection

PSL provides time and space for deep reflection on your personal impact on the ability of teams to collaborate.

Erika Lenz - Agile Leadership Coach
Erika Lenz LLC

opportunity to deeply explore

This workshop gives an opportunity to deeply explore different facets of leadership and yourself.

Matthew Carlson - Sr. Consultant
Industrial Logic

what’s great about it

It will be uncomfortable and that is exactly what’s great about it.

Zuza - Sr. Agile Coach

important six days

It will be the most important six days of your professional life.

Aaron Nordyke - Engineering Director

look beyond the surface

PSL will teach you how to look beyond the surface level and deeply analyze group behaviors, leading to a more cohesive and well formed team.

Olivia Beins - Group Product Manager

draw out insights

Esther and Don have saint-like patience and the best poker faces in the business. Their ability to observe and help draw out insights is so valuable compared to facilitators who just plain give information. Thank you!

Olivia Beins - Group Product Manager

unique opportunity

PSL is a unique opportunity to practice leadership in a safe and supportive environment with fantastic and diverse people. You get what you put in. You will learn new things about yourself there … or later.

Marcin Floryan

months to process and put into use

PSL is transformative. It will take months to process and put into use all that I learned.

Dave Rooney - Agile Coach
Ross Video

Still learning nine years later

Nine years later, I’m still learning from my PSL experience. I received valuable insights into my own behaviours as a leader. I have used those insights many times over the past nine years. Every time I look back, I learn new things or am reminded. PSL was the best investment in my personal growth, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jo Perold - Director

wealth of personal awareness

It provided me with a wealth of personal awareness of how my leadership style affects my teams’ working environment.

Jeff Preager - Delivery Manager

the most experiential learning

By far the most experiential learning I’ve attended where you get to decide your learning. Your perception of leadership will be enhanced.

Barry Tandy - Value Stream Orchestrator
Sauce Labs

Brilliantly designed

Brilliantly designed and unexpected.

Shelia Ramsey - Test Automation Engineering Manager

Mind bending experience

Mind bending experience that will make you more conscious about strengths and learning opportunities as a leader.

Kiero Guerra-Peña

exercise based learning experience

PSL is an exercise based learning experience where you meet fantastic people while learning how to create environments where all team members can contribute creatively.

Dylan Stanfield - Product Manager

transformation experience

A transformation experience. I think I will realize how much I learned over the coming months.

Jordan Simpson - Principal Software Engineer