Problem Solving Leadership

Manage Change and Practice Innovation by Becoming a Problem Solving Leader

Problem Solving Leadership Workshop


Leadership is the key to building a healthy organization that can deal effectively with problems and change.

Leadership isn’t limited to those who have formal leadership roles, titles, or personal charisma.

Learn and practice a leader’s most valuable asset: the ability to think, act creatively and congruently—to solve problems, and to create the environment for teams to succeed.

Learn and practice a leader’s most valuable skill: the ability to create an environment that enables everyone to contribute productively.

Develop your own problem solving style

Discover your own problem solving style and  understand and appreciate the styles of others. See how valuing differences can enhance innovation and increase, rather than constrain, your problem solving options.

Focus on personal and system effectiveness rather than prescriptive strategies … so you can solve new problems rather than grinding out the old pat answers.

You will:

  • Increase your own problem solving effectiveness.
  • Enhance your ability to lead others in more effective problem solving.
  • Expand your ability to address organizational issues by enabling others.

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Work on issues of most interest to you…and your organization.

Your problems and concerns provide a frame of reference for all the workshop activities.

You will learn to reframe problems and gain insight into the actual issues.


  • How to be a leader while being a member of a team
  • How to focus your thinking while in chaos
  • How to make change a productive, creative event
  • How to build truly effective teams
  • How to delegate problems people really want to work on
  • How to observe what is happening
  • How to use effective communication tools
  • How to handle conflict in problem solving groups


Senior leadersmanagerstechnical/team leadscoaches/consultants, Team members, and those wanting their groups to be more effective benefit from participating in PSL. PSL participants come from leading software, technology, healthcare, insurance, and consumer goods companies, among others.

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October, 2024
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Details soon

The fee for PSL is $2995. Participants are responsible for their own travel, meals, and lodging. We will have a favorable negotiated rate at the hotel where we hold the workshop.

PSL is strictly limited to 24 participants. In order to ensure many perspectives, we only take four people from a specific organization.


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