7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change

Even if you don’t have change management in your job description, your job involves change.

Change is a given, as modern organizations respond to market and technology advances, make improvements, and evolve new practices to meet new challenges.

These are not simple changes on the organizational, group, or even team level. Often, there is no indisputable right answer and responding requires trial and error, learning and unlearning. Whatever you choose to do, it will interact with existing policies and structures with unpredictable results.

Rather than more rigorous planning, the answer is to shift to an approach that is adaptive, responsive, and engages people in learning, evolving and owning the new way. 7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change presents a set of heuristics—guides to problem-solving—that help answer the question: “What should I do next?”—clearing the fog to provide a new way forward, in a way that honors people and creates safety for change.

Center Enter Turn Sustain: Essays in Change Artistry

by Esther Derby, Don Gray, Johanna Rothman, and Gerald M. Weinberg

A Change Artist is someone whose presence improves everyone’s chance of making a positive change. Change Artists don’t drive change. They know that supporting deep change requires empathy, systems-savvy, and an array of other skills.

Learn to Center, Enter, Turn, and Sustain change with masters of change artistry.  In this collection of essays, you’ll find guidance on:

    • connecting with others to help them change
    • listening for the wisdom behind “resistance”
    • making change a productive, creative event
    • negotiating for what is needed
    • seeing and influencing underlying structures and systems
    • observing exactly what is happening
    • recognizing the stages of change and act in a way that supports both people and change

    This essay collection is available in PDF, mobi and epub formats on LeanPub